Bouddi Seller: Pramod Films
  • Jun 09, 2019
Bouddi Seller: Pramod Films
  • Jun 09, 2019

Bouddi, is a Bengali word by which sister-in-laws are lovingly referred to. The era of rich culture, which was evident in daily lives of many of Calcutta households, was a background for many a few romantics. Set in 1960 near Calcutta, Bouddi is a poignant tale of Paromita and Sukanto, who's love and innocent banter are stricken by much seriousness. Something in-between is not letting them talk. A tired and gruff Sukanto returns home waiting to unwind and de-stress from a long day, only to be pestered by his loving anxious wife who has been awaiting his return. But in vain does her love and melodious voice coax him and his hurtful demeanor. Something is Not allowing one's love to soothe the others pain. Paromita’s playfulness sings only to fail in coloring Sukanto’s much morbid temper. The indifference is hurting and the moments are unbearable, until the untimely visit of Joydeep, who unknowingly brings eternity down to their doorstep and the lovers unite once again.

Price by Territory
Region Price Currency
United States 1500 USD
Canada 750 USD
Australia 500 USD
United Kingdom 750 USD
Indonesia 500 USD
Malaysia 500 USD
United Arab Emirates 500 USD
Saudi Arabia 500 USD
Singapore 500 USD
Europe Zone 1500 USD