Cocktail Seller: Sophia Grace Muvi
Cocktail Seller: Sophia Grace Muvi

Millions of people around the world have a glass of wine with dinner, drink a beer at a sporting event, or accept alcoholic drinks at a party. The use of alcohol dates back more than 10,000 years. From then until now, alcohol has played an important part in human civilization. It is used in cultural and religious ceremonies, at social gatherings, and even for medical purposes. Records of alcohol’s effects date back to ancient times. Alcohol has been called both a tonic and a poison. And medical experts continue to debate its value.

Price by Territory
Region Price Currency
Afghanistan 2200 USD
Bahamas 2200 USD
Cambodia 2200 USD
Denmark 2200 USD
Ecuador 2200 USD
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 2200 USD
Gabon 2200 USD
Haiti 2200 USD
India 2200 USD
Jamaica 2200 USD
Kazakhstan 2200 USD
Latvia 2200 USD
Macao 2200 USD
Nepal 2200 USD
Nigeria 2200 USD
Pakistan 2200 USD
Philippines 2200 USD