Sax By Julius Seller: Pramod Films
Sax By Julius-sanjh
Sax By Julius Seller: Pramod Films

Sax by Julius is about a sax virtuoso who has lost his ability to play.The accident took everything he ever loved, his right hand thumb too.You need a lover if you are a lover, and you need your thumbs if you’re a saxophonist.The sorrow pushes Julius into the abyss of insomnia. In search of sleep, he scans every nook and corner of Goa, every day. What would Julius have to go through to get his sleep, sanity and peace, forms the crux of ‘Sax by Julius’.

  • Release Date: Jun 09, 2019
  • Distribution Rights: Satellite, Online Streaming, Physical, Theatrical
  • Exclusivity: Exclusive
  • Terms: 1 years
  • Royalty Rate: On Request
  • Geo Rights: India
  • Languages: On Request
  • Content Duration: O: n: : R: e: q: u: e: s: t
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India 20000 USD