Step Into My Shoes Seller: Pramod Films
  • Jun 09, 2019
Step Into My Shoes-sanjh
Step Into My Shoes Seller: Pramod Films
  • Jun 09, 2019

Simran and Richa are best friends from childhood who have seen life together through thick and thin. One evening, they both catch up over drinks and dwell upon each others problems and life crisis. They both feel their problems can be solved in a jiffy. In a bizarre turn of events that night, both Simran and Richa find themselves in each others body respectively thus directly experience each others agony first hand. The surreal experience not only gives them a window to each others life but also triggers an impulse of self discovery. How they help each other by being them forms the crux of this magical story.

  • Release Date: Jun 09, 2019
  • Distribution Rights: Satellite, Online Streaming, Physical, Theatrical
  • Exclusivity: Exclusive
  • Terms: 1 years
  • Royalty Rate: On Request
  • Geo Rights: India
  • Languages: On Request
  • Content Duration: On Request
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India 20000 USD