Unicorn Seller: Pramod Films
Unicorn Seller: Pramod Films

Apala belongs to a culturally rich traditional family of North Calcuta. When she was little her granny had told her that her embroidered blanket had magical powers. If ever she were threatened by danger, the blanket would rescue her. This ornate blanket had come down to her from generations to generations, from the hand of one lady of the house to another. Apala moves away from the demands of family and marriage, from being brow beaten to a parallel world that is apart from her third-world existence. Apala feels that it is her magic blanket that takes her to this world where pressures and responsibilities do not exist. Digambar interprets these flights of fancy as hallucinations born from her unfulfilled desires or else, they are made of the stuff that science-fiction writers use to convey teleportation. What is the truth? Magic? Hallucination? Teleportation? Or the frustrations and hopelessness of the third-world?

  • Release Date: Jun 09, 2019
  • Distribution Rights: Satellite, Online Streaming, Physical, Theatrical
  • Exclusivity: Exclusive
  • Terms: 1 years
  • Royalty Rate: On Request
  • Geo Rights: India
  • Languages: On Request
  • Content Duration: O: n: : R: e: q: u: e: s: t
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India 20000 USD