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How to get your music noticed and licensed quickly: 5 Tips to get started
  • By Rakesh Samantaray
  • 02 July, 2019

How to get your music noticed and licensed quickly: 5 Tips to get started

Licensing music and earning transparent royalty is now simple & secure. Thanks to Blockchain-based Digital Content Marketplace – Sanjh.

However, artists & distributors who sell music licenses in our community often ask us about, “How do I get my music noticed and licensed amidst such a huge content library?”

Well, that’s an important question and being a copyright holder you should know about it.

Just listing your music albums on our marketplace like any other random music licensor, won’t help you much. There’s always something more that can be done to give your content the best chance of being noticed and get licensed.

To help you, here are some expert tips that will make your music content visible to potential buyers and initiate the licensing process faster than usual.

  1. Title & Tag your Music Correctly

Just like Name and Designation explain the identity of an employee in a company, Title and Tag defines the existence of music content in our marketplace. So, to let potential buyers discover your content, accurate titling, and concise tagging is highly recommended by our experts.

Make sure the content’s title is related to exact music name and should not include any additional information. A short & crisp title always works and easily pitches your content to seekers.

Also, when tagging, add keywords & tags that accurately describe your music to make them stand out.

  1. Showcase the Background of your Music

Potential buyers always look for genuine information, when acquiring the rights of music & songs. Hence, showcasing all the necessary data associated with the content at one single place, can attract the attention of buyers and may trigger a licensing transaction instantly.

Take time to add details to your music – mainly Description, Release Date, Cast & Crew, Genre, and File format. All these elements collectively give an impression regarding the background of your audio content and add value to the music licensing process.

Make sure all the details are valid and up-to-date, else, buyers will get confused and won’t be interested in buying your media licenses anymore.

You can also include banner and trailer with your music, to make the licensing opportunity look more authentic.

  1. Be Clear with your Royalty Terms and Distribution Rights

Being a copyright-holder, you have all the liberty to set selling terms as per your convenience. Our marketplace gives full control to define your distribution rights, royalty and licensing term period at one-click.

However, we have noticed that sellers often neglect specifying pricing terms & distribution conditions, which is not at all acceptable. If you are not determining the music licensing agreement in detail, then how do you expect that the buyers will show interest in your music content.

Therefore, we recommend being very precise and to-the-point when stating your selling terms, especially the licensing period and the royalty rate. To bring more clarity into the music licensing process, first, do thorough market research and understand the worth of your content.

  1. Update your Seller Account with a professional Bio and Profile Picture

Buyers on Sanjh love to interact with registered sellers who own dedicated account with complete information about them.

If you have just randomly created a seller account without any brief about yourself, then no buyer would be interested in buying music licenses from you. Hence, our experts strongly recommend using a professional profile picture along with a comprehensive bio to ensure a genuine seller account.

Remember, trust is the primary factor that connects a buyer with a seller in our marketplace. And in case, you failed to build trust among our buyers, then it will be very difficult for you to sell your music licenses. So, don’t hesitate to create a dedicated seller profile before listing your music for licensing.

  1. Let everyone know your music is available for licensing

Potential buyers from all around the globe prefer buying media content from our marketplace because of instant licensing policy and exclusive video/audio content. So, listing music content on Sanjh gives you visibility among the global community and ensures secure & transparent licensing process.

However, if you want quicker music licensing than usual, then it’s wise to promote & market your music-listing URL on social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

If there will be anyone in your circle or community willing to buy music-licenses, then he/she will definitely contact you and initiate the transaction.

Even you can also start an Email marketing campaign targeting industry leaders in the music business and let them know that your music is available for licensing on Sanjh.

No doubt, by following the above steps, you can have an excellent chance of catching the attention of music buyers and get the licensing done. In case, you have any queries with listing audio content in our marketplace, feel free to contact us at