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Why Sanjh is the Ideal Content Marketplace for Buying Video Content?
  • By Rakesh Samantaray
  • 24 May, 2019

Why Sanjh is the Ideal Content Marketplace for Buying Video Content?

First of all, Sanjh restricts the threats of piracy and unwanted distribution of video content, when licensing video rights from sellers.

Although the media & entertainment industry is still struggling with illegal distribution of video content, here at Sanjh every odd related to piracy is completely resolved. Being a buyer, you don’t have to worry about any security issues, when buying video content through Sanjh.

How Sanjh is Different?

Sanjh is not any ordinary content marketplace. It’s a completely secured digital platform powered by Blockchain Technology, which effectively resolves the typical problems faced during media licensing & distribution such as piracy, unauthorized sharing, opaque royalty issues, the influence of middlemen, hidden cost, etc.

At Sanjh, every transaction is maintained through smart-contracts and thus the scopes for information tampering are highly minimized.

Why Buy Videos from Sanjh? 

In terms of content, video stands above all. Today’s audiences love to watch videos in numbers both online and offline. They simply want good quality video content, which are engaging as well as entertaining.

Sanjh Blockchain based Media Content Marketplace

So, here you get two options – either produce original video content on your own or buy video content licenses from the video creators or copyright holders. The first option is not always feasible due to budget & time constraints.

But if you are looking to acquire the rights of exclusive videos, Sanjh is your gateway to premium copyrighted content wherein you can license videos easily in minutes and stream on your platform right away.

Whether you are a video streaming platform owner or a media broadcaster, take a look at what Sanjh has to offer you.

1. Latest and Exclusive Videos

“Come and discover the latest only at Sanjh”

The best way to engage & retain today’s online viewers is to showcase fresh and unique videos. If you don’t beef up your content library with exclusive videos regularly, there are chances that your users may lose interest in your platform and subsequently switch to other platforms with better content options. Now you might understand, why Netflix is investing so much on original content with new shows adorning the streaming giant’s content library every week!

At Sanjh, we understand the need for content for a service provider or a channel owner. So, Sanjh features a diverse collection of latest and exclusive videos to cater to your entertainment business needs. You can directly buy the distribution rights of videos from the owners & producers and can stream the content right away on your channel.

Sanjh Blockchain Media Content Marketplace

Sanjh is now the cynosure of the big production houses, filmmakers, artists, especially for the smoother and time-efficient licensing process. Drawing 600+ unique searches daily, Sanjh is the next big thing in the content acquiring and distribution landscape.

Every week, we feature exclusive videos on our marketplace, which can help you in engaging and retaining your audiences. Register yourself as a buyer on Sanjh for free and get a notification, every time a new video is added to our library.

2. Huge Content Library

“Name it, we got that on the board”

huge content library of Sanjh

Whether you are looking for documentaries, commercial short films or music videos, you can find it all on Sanjh. Our content library is huge and there are thousands of popular videos from different niches. You can simply select the category of video you want to acquire and find a title of your interest.

In case, you want to precise your hunt for videos, we recommend using our advanced search bar and save your valuable time. Not only in terms of niche, but you can also filter out videos on the basis of quality – SD, HD, and 4K resolution. Well, depending on your channel’s content strategy, you can license as many videos as you want, without any restriction.

Our user-interference is very smooth & responsive and for sure you will find it comfortable to navigate throughout our huge content library.

3. Personalized Suggestions with Online Screener

“Tailor-made recommendations to ease decision making”

When anyone registers as a buyer on Sanjh, we collect necessary information related to content preferences and understand what the Buyer is actually looking for. Based on the preferences and navigation behavior, Sanjh recommends tailor-made suggestions of videos to buyers for free and helps them choosing relevant video content without much hassle.

Now, you must be thinking, how’s that possible?

personalized suggestions on Sanjh Blockchain Media Content Marketplace

Well, the credit goes to our AI-driven recommendation engine – Alie. It collects all the data associated with the buyer’s account and accordingly suggests a list of videos, that the buyer might be interested in.

In case you don’t want to go by the recommendations, you always have the liberty to explore the entire content library of Sanjh as content discovery is completely free.

Apart from personalized recommendations, our marketplace also offers an online screening of videos at one-click. That means, you can preview the video content instantly and can decide whether to buy its license or not.

4. Private Negotiation with Sellers

“Check and Negotiate the deal online“

You found a title of your interest, but not comfortable with the terms set by the content producer or owner?

No worries, Sanjh allows you to negotiate with the seller privately.

Whether you want to modify the distribution rights or want a discussion on royalty clause, you can propose your thoughts directly to the seller in a private chat. If the seller agrees to your conditions, then you can immediately obtain rights to the content with the details of the contract stored in a tamper-proof smart contract.

Sanjh based on blockchain knows the human factors that come into play when video licensing is done. Our experts who have been in the entertainment industry for years, often talk about the scope for negotiation in almost every content deal with the driving force being long-term business relation and profitability.

Note – The negotiation should be fair and transparent as per the present market standards only.

5. Fast and Trustworthy Licensing Cycle

“Every transaction on Sanjh is Quick and Secure”

If you have experienced the traditional content licensing process ever, then you must have known how much time the entire cycle involves. Don’t worry, you are not going to face those lingering time issues when licensing videos through Sanjh.

Our process of content licensing is very simple. To buy the video rights, first, you have to initiate the built-in smart contract. You have to provide a bunch of information related to the purchase of video, and automatically a smart contract will be created.

The self-executable smart contract is shared across all the peers involved in the transaction and thus transparency is maintained throughout the licensing process. The seller then verifies and approve the contract, and sells the content rights to the buyer.

license cycle on Sanjh Content Marketplace

With the power of Blockchain technology, every transaction or deal that happens on Sanjh is recorded over the digital smart contracts and these are highly protected against any suspicious activities, ensuring the data is tamper-proof and completely safe.

Discover – Negotiate – Buy

For sure, buying video content was never this easy and fast. No other content marketplace offers such an hassle-free and secure online platform for transacting video licenses. In overall, it’s just a three-step task to acquire video rights from sellers –

Discover, negotiate, and buy video content rights

Well, what’s stopping you then. Jump in now.