PADARASA Seller: Krishna Revankar
PADARASA Seller: Krishna Revankar

With a leading character by National Award winner "Sanchari Vijay", Padarasa is the mixture of humor, misery, happiness, sorrow, intelligence and innocence. The first half of the movie has a lot of comedy sequences and the second half has come with some serious sequences. Production value and the technical value have really proved to be good , other Kannada film industry veterans like Shobharaj, Gurudatta, Jai Jagdish, Bhavya along with Niranjan Deshpande have brought lot of value to the content

Price by Territory
Region Price Currency
India 100000 USD
United States 10000 USD
United Kingdom 10000 USD
United Arab Emirates 10000 USD
China 20000 USD
Singapore 10000 USD
Nepal 10000 USD
Ireland 10000 USD
Australia 10000 USD
Canada 10000 USD