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What Makes Sanjh – The Ultimate Marketplace for Selling Digital Content?
  • By Rakesh Samantaray
  • 25 April, 2019

What Makes Sanjh – The Ultimate Marketplace for Selling Digital Content?


You got a bunch of copyrighted content and want to feature them on leading entertainment platforms?

Great! You are at the right Marketplace.

Here at Sanjh, content creators and license owners like you, list their digital content including videos, music, images, podcasts, movies, & documentaries and open a door to thousands of content buyers.

For your information, Sanjh is the world’s first blockchain powered digital content marketplace that ensures buy/sell of content licenses with utmost security. Anyone can feature their content on Sanjh and earn potential revenue through secured content licensing.

Using Sanjh’s portal, Content owners can sell their media licenses through a blockchain-based smart contract wherein the content distribution terms & conditions and details of royalty are stored and are completely tamper-proof. There is no involvement of any middleman here.

Well, if you think your content has all the attributes to entice the audience and can help you earn handsome money, then Sanjh is the right destination for you.

Sounds tempting, but want to learn more before diving in? Check out Why Sanjh is the Ultimate Marketplace for buying and selling digital content licenses.


The takers are waiting! And Yes, in Numbers!

Being a unique content marketplace powered by Blockchain Technology, Sanjh naturally attracts a lot of potential buyers to its marketplace. Mainly, Sanjh is the first choice of streaming service owners and broadcasting companies because of its instant licensing concept and visibility among the global community.

Thriving on the popularity of streaming services, almost all media & broadcasting companies are rallying towards OTT platforms and trying to reach their audience in order to provide the viewing comfort on the go. All they want is unique, original and quality content that would sell. With the abundance of translation and transcription services, language is not a barrier anymore. Content is king and the buyers are innumerable. You gotta reach the content buyers to reach millions of audience. Listing your media content on Sanjh gives you the visibility among the best of the industry and brings your content the glare it deserves.


List your Content for Free

Unlike other digital content marketplaces, Sanjh does not charge anything from the content creators or license owners for listing content.

Yes, you heard it right!!

You can list your music, movies, documentaries, short videos, images or any form of content in any numbers for free. Any form of illegal sharing or consumption is completely ruled out since you only share the content license and not the content, which is again stored well-encrypted in the form a tamper-proof smart contract.

Just register yourself as a Seller and then list your videos, audios, and images for free. In between, there are no hidden charges and you can find all the transaction details on your profile dashboard.


Transparent Royalty

Once your content is liked by any buyer, the party will contact you directly to obtain the license of the content. The subsequent deal and transaction occur over a decentralized network that keeps the transactional data although viewable among the peer network, cannot be erased, deleted, or updated.

So, you keep a solid history of your content being bought and shared assuring you the ideal royalty against your creative piece.

No compromise & complaints on revenue – Sanjh ensures you transparent royalty.


Customizable Selling Rights

Sanjh greatly values the efforts of content creators/artists/distributors and accordingly gives them full liberty to personalize their selling rights. This allows sellers to set the royalty rates, terms, and distribution rights as per their convenience, when listing content on Sanjh.

Remember, you own the copyrights of your media, and it is you who will decide what will be your selling conditions. Just do thorough research on the market standards, understand the worth of your content, and accordingly customize your selling terms.

In any situation, if you want to make any changes to your royalty or distribution contract, just login to your seller’s account and the rest is all in your hand.

Your Price – Your Terms – Your Contract


Become a Seller Today

Content licensing has been a complex cycle as of now. Overindulgent middlemen and opaque royalty issues have made content creators and artists suffer a lot for decades. Sanjh addresses these two long-standing issues with aplomb with the help of smart content licensing and transparent revenue management wherein the seller has ultimate control over his content and its usage.

So, here is the ultimate platform for selling digital content licenses to global buyers. Just list your media on SANJH and open yourself up to the world of opportunities.

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