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What is Sanjh?
Sanjh is the world’s’ first Blockchain powered decentralized content marketplace for Video, Audio & Media content licensing. From blockbuster movies to chartbuster ruling singles, grab them exclusively on Sanjh and stream on your channel the very next moment!

Why Sanjh?

We, through Sanjh counter Three problems content industry has been riddled with since ages.

  • Piracy: Push it to oblivion!

    Piracy: Push it to oblivion!

    Powered by a decentralized ledger and armored by multi-layered security levels, Sanjh vanquishes hackers and pirates for a transparent, highly secured ecosystem for buying and selling digital content licenses via self-executing smart contracts.

  • Royalty: Transparency is the best Policy

    Royalty: Transparency is the best Policy

    Let smart contracts take the center stage for a hassle-free content licensing process. The irrevocable architecture of smart contracts rules out any form of tampering by anybody. The output is a fair, healthy & transparent association between content aggregators and creators in an empowering ecosystem.

  • Unauthorized Distribution of Content: What’s that?

    Unauthorized Distribution of Content: What’s that?

    Sanjh by virtue of Blockchain rules out any iniquity in content distribution since it tokenizes any media assets and operates on a distributed platform where all stakeholders have access to exactly the same ledger records.

What You Can Do with Sanjh?

  • Get unlimited access to the huge digital content library
  • Buy licensed content straight from the creators from any part of the world
  • No hidden cost- No middlemen
  • Reach the unreachable – Sell your exclusive content to the target audience
  • Pay the royalty to artists based on smart contracts and through cryptocurrency

Stay Protected against

  • Content Piracy
  • Unauthorized Distribution of Content
  • Information Tampering

Why Blockchain?

The Blockchain is by far the most secured technology the mankind has ever invented. And Sanjh is based on Blockchain. The blockchain is a decentralized ledger that securely records information across a peer-to-peer network. Blockchain stores smart contracts – a self-executing contract that defines the rules and penalties pertinent to a specific agreement. Smart contracts are secured and tamperproof documents whose main purpose is not only process automation but also controlling the behavior of parties involved.

  • Easy to Access
    Easy to Access
  • Transparent
  • Secured
  • Tamper-proof